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Angeion Medical International started with a mission to supply “novel” technologies in the cardiovascular space. Technologies we market include nanotechnology-based innovative DES+ and the World’s first Sirolimus coated balloon. Our portfolio also include a game changing technology in the Gradient Compression System for the Chronic Vein Insufficiency patients and latest balloon dilatation catheters. All these put together will help physicians save lives and help patients return to the activities they loved.

Our people are reputable and well recognised professionals that have extensive experience in the medical device field. Our presence and network extend across the entire Asia region.

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Angeion Medical International Pte Ltd

114 Lavender Street, #03-61
CT Hub 2, Singapore 338729

Product Availability: Xenetix, Dotarem, and Lipiodol

Tel: +65 6702 3006
Fax: +65 6702 2903
E-mail: enquiry(at)