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Imaging Solutions and Services

Guerbet offers a large range of medical devices for scanner, angiography and MRI exams.

Find out more about our medical devices on the Medex website, our French manufacturing site dedicated to imaging solutions and services.


Launched in 2014, FlowSens® is a solution for contrast media and saline injection in CT medical imaging.

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OptiVantage® Dual-Head CT

Launched in 2005, OptiVantage® is designed to keep pace with the increasing CT scanner speeds.

OptiStar® Elite MR

OptiStar® Elite MR was launched in 1999. Paired with Ultraject® prefilled syringes, the OptiStar® Elite injector is used for MR contrast delivery.

OptiOne® Mono-Head CT

OptiOne® is an entry-level injector launched in 2015.

Angiomat® Illumena®

Launched in 1997, Angiomat® Illumena® allows to switch between cardio, angio and CT modes.



Along with the offering of disposables available for each of the FlowSens®, SBi® and ADDIX® injectors, Guerbet propose a range of extension lines, safety patient lines, filling/injection systems, transfer sets, accessories for CT scanners and MRI as well as a range of enema bags for colon cleansing.

Dose&Care® Patient X-ray dose management solution

Dose&Care® is a state of the art digital solution to monitor patient exposure to X Rays. It collects data from all ionizing modalities (CT, X –ray tables, fluoroscopy, mammography…), builds an history of patient exposure, helps imaging centers driving good practice policies as well as complying with regulatory requirements.


Dose&Care® is intended for use by medical imaging and diagnostic health professionals and by the personnel in charge of the X-ray security and administration of an imaging center.
For complete information and optimal utilization of the solution, please refer to the user’s manual.
Dose&Care® is a medical device, Class I/CE. Legal Manufacturer: MPTronic (Paris, France). Distributor: Guerbet, (Roissy CdG cedex, France)

OptiBolus® Shaping Software

Launched in 2003, OptiBolus® software was designed to employ multiphasic injection, to expand the window of enhancement for contrast procedures.

OptiSuite® Essentials

OptiSuite® helps to enhance the imaging workflow with a comprehensive array of products engineered to work across all modalities – all from a single source.

Ready-Box® Contrast Media Warmer

The Ready-Box® Contrast Media Warmer heats contrast media to body temperature.


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