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Guerbet announces plans to streamline its contrast media portfolio

10.07.2017 07:00

Guerbet announced today that it will phase out sales throughout the world of two products: Hexabrix® (meglumine and sodium ioxaglate) and Optimark® (gadoversetamide).

Following the acquisition of Mallinckrodt’s contrast media & delivery systems business, Guerbet has taken measures to streamline its brand portfolio.

In 2015, it announced the withdrawal in the US of Hexabrix®, an iodinated contrast medium for X-ray imaging that has the same indications as two other Guerbet products, Optiray® (ioversol) and Xenetix® (iobitridol). Hexabrix® sales in Europe, Asia and Latin America will progressively cease, by the end of 2019 at the latest. Guerbet’s offer (Optiray® and Xenetix®) covers more than 70 countries.

Similarly, Guerbet’s decision to phase out Optimark® is part of its product portfolio prioritization. Optimark® and Dotarem® (gadoteric acid) are both gadolinium-based contrast agents and have similar indications for MRI. Optimark® is a linear agent and faces decreasing worldwide demand, while Dotarem®, a macrocyclic and ionic agent, has seen worldwide demand increase. Dotarem® is registered in more than 70 countries.

Sales of Optimark® will end first July 26, 2017 in European Union countries. Then, and in order to ensure a smooth transition and continuous supply for patients, Optimark® phase out will be progressively implemented in other geographic areas until end of 2019.

This move to streamline its gadolinium-based contrast agent portfolio through a focus on Dotarem® is consistent with recent recommendations of the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) of the European Medicines Agency (see July 7th, 2017 PRAC press release here).

“This rationalization will enable us to live up to our undertaking to offer health professionals a complete range of efficient and safe contrast media to improve diagnosis, prognosis and quality of life for patients all over the world, while ensuring our enhanced industrial and commercial efficiency”, says Guerbet CEO Yves L’Epine. 

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